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On 23 – 25 March 2011, OMC in Ravenna will celebrate its 10th edition. Twenty years have passed and OMC is still firmly committed to offering a balanced look at the oil and gas scenario reflecting the worldwide trends in its conference and exhibition.

The present gradual change in the economic scenario, the persisting uncertainty of the oil price, the emerging gas issue from one side and the environmental constraints from the other represent the major challenges for oil industry in the short term and most likely in the medium term as well.
Security of supply at affordable prices must walk hand in hand with containment / disposal of CO2 emissions and environmental protection.

The problems in the energy sector are global. Industrialized nations and emerging countries, producers and consumers, government and regulators will have to make joint efforts to address all these issues and find global solutions.

Sound economic growth can be achieved through energy efficiency, research and development of complementary sources, provided that prices of fossil fuels remain stable and relatively high.  Technological innovation will have a key role in finding breakthrough solutions.

The Organising Committee has recognized that the energy sector problems are global in size and therefore it has decided the theme for the 2011 edition to be:

"Global Energy and Mediterranean Opportunities".

Within this framework, topics including oil reserves, environmental challenges, upstream know-how and its application to renewables, will be the subject of the different sessions. Oil will continue to play a dominant role in the future of the energy supply.

Authorities, qualified speakers, NOCs and IOCs will bring contributions from their own perspective.

OMC at its 10th edition is still totally committed to offering an international arena where global energy issues are discussed in-depth. It has always been our ambitious goal and it will remain our target for OMC in the years to come.

See you in Ravenna for OMC 2011!

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