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About the Conference


Message from OMC Med Energy Conference Chair


The world’s energy systems have been undergoing massive transformations in recent years and in the near future more significant ones are expected, of which energy is both witness and protagonist.

Multiple crises and geopolitical tensions are heavily affecting priorities and preferences about the so called energy trilemma: security of supply, price competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Energy security made a comeback as a top political priority, with country governments reconsidering the importance of diversification of energy supplies and routes and adapting energy infrastructure in order to prevent supply disruptions.

The wave of new globalization characterized by the digital revolution together with population and economic growth that will double energy consumption by 2040, are pushing the energy industry to tackle global imbalances with courage. This innovative spirit will safeguard a future of development and prosperity for all, while ensuring the environmental and social sustainability of economic activities. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to combine traditional energies with renewables and new energies, in a holistic approach involving all energy stakeholders and putting people at the centre. Their expertise and their stories are key to manage the social impact of transformations such energy transition on society as a whole.

The development of renewables, the implementation of low-carbon energy carriers such as hydrogen and methanol, the necessary decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors are some of the issues to pursue by implementing best practices.

The Mediterranean stands out as a laboratory of concrete solutions and new business models, which can ensure future and sustainable growth and development. The mare nostrum is a natural meeting point, where the EU could pursue strategic partnerships in line with its climate ambitions benefiting from geographical proximity.

Establishing mutual cooperation between the north and south of the Mediterranean, taking into consideration the perspectives and needs of diverse countries, is the only way to build a flexible and solid network in a permanent exchange of views and expertise.

OMC Med Energy three-day conference represents a unique opportunity for dialogue on decarbonization technologies, energy security strategies, competitiveness and sustainability issues. Through a rich programme consisting of Institutional Plenary Sessions, C-level Business Panels and Technical Sessions, OMC Med Energy Conference gathers voices from all around the world, making Ravenna the hub for energy debate in the Mediterranean Region.


Francesca Zarri
Chair OMC Med Energy 2025
Eni - Head of Italian Upstream Activities



8th - 10th April 2025
Ravenna - Italy
OMC Med Energy