Transition to a low carbon economy and worldwide access to resources are the big challenges for today’s energy sector. To achieve this target a multi-action strategy is essential, based on GHG reduction, a resilient portfolio of hydrocarbons with natural gas playing a central role, and the expansion of circular economy and renewable resources.

OMC 2021 aims at facilitating an alliance among the energy sectors in order to share competences and capabilities and find together the most effective way to reach these ambitious targets.




09.45     Welcome Addresses - Room A, Hall 7

10.15     Italian Institutional Representative 

10.30      Opening Plenary Session: "Repositioning the industry post pandemic and looking ahead"

Moderator: Alessandra Migliaccio - Bloomberg News

Setting the scene: Francesco La Camera, Director General - IRENA 

10.45      Ministerial Panel

11.45     Business Panel

Lunch break

14.00 -18.00       Starting up Ravenna – in alliance with InnovUp -  Innovation Room, Hall 5 

14.30 - 16.00      Technical Sessions  - Rooms A, B, C, D

Circular economy 1, Offshore Renewables, Sustainability, HSE

16.30 - 18.00         

Circular Economy 2, Thermal, Breakthrough Technologies, Drilling 

19.00 Dinner -  Transforming Energy  Dinner



09.00         Panel Session: "Transforming upstream operations: from new business models to a net zero future" - Room A, Hall 7

Moderator: Francesca Verga, Professor of Reservoir Engineering, Underground Energy Storage, and CO2 and H2 Underground Storage

Setting the scene: Samantha Mcculloch, Head of CCUS - IEA 

09.15        Institutional Panel 

10.15       Business Panel

11.00 - 18.00     Energy Hackathon @ OMC  in alliance with SPE Italy and Accenture - Innovation Room, Hall 5

11.45 - 13.15     Technical Sessions- Rooms A, B, C, D - Hall 7

Process, Hydrogen, Case studies 1, Engineering
Lunch break

14.30 - 16.00     Technical Sessions  - Rooms A, B, C, D - Hall 7

Data Optimization, CCUS, Case Studies 2, Exploration

16.30 - 18.00       

Asset, GHG Reduction, Geology&Geophysics, Case Studies 3

19.00 Transformation Challenges Dinner



 09.15     Panel Session "The role of renewables in the energy transition in the Med" - Room A, Hall 7

Moderator: Rita Lofano - AGI

Setting the scene: Santiago Blanco, DNV Executive Vice-president and Regional Director  for Southern Europe MEA and LATAM

10.45    Panel Session "How could the alliance between the North and the South Med accelerate the transition towards a low carbon future?"

10.30 - 13.00        Poster Sessions - Rooms  B, C, D - Hall 7 - Innovation Room Hall 5

Lunch break

14.30 - 17.30         Call for Ideas Mediterranean Region- in alliance with FEEM - Innovation room, Hall 5

14.30 - 16.00        Technical Sessions - Rooms A, B, C, D - Hall 7

Circular Economy 3, Nuclear Fusion 1, Energy Transition, Production Optimisation
16.15 - 17.45        

Circular Economy 4, Nuclear Fusion 2, Methodology, Reservoir

18.00     Closing Plenary session "Perspectives for the energy transition: Investment needs for a low-carbon energy system" - Room A, Hall 7

Moderator: Sergio Vergalli, Professor of Economic Policy - Università Brescia

19.00    Awards Ceremony and launch of next OMC edition