What's OMC Innovation Room

It's a dedicated arena within OMC venue where high school students, universities, research centres, start-ups and experts have the chance to present and compare their perspectives, develop ideas and turn them into projects, devise solutions for the real world energy challenges.

A priviledged meeting place for youth to advance their scientific and technical knowledge through team work or debate with corporate representatives and institutions.


Starting Up Challenge - Tuesday 23rd May 15.00-19.00

OMC and ORA! Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transition have scouted for the best start ups working on energy transition solutions and technologies. Shortlisted ideas will be given a presentation slot and offered the chance to hold 1-to-1 meetings with leading operators interested to develop them. The best ones will be awarded at the end of the day.

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Energy Hackathon - Wednesday 24th May 11.00-18.00

OMC Med Energy is particularly keen to attract and get young generations involved in the energy transition path. To this purpose the 2nd Energy Hackathon will act as a powerful crowd-sourcing hub gathering young minds who generate potential solutions to the environmental and energy challenges. The event is a helpful platform for students to analyse complex issues, share ideas, meet potential employers.

Try solving an issue that is vital to the global communitity and the planet’s future. The contest is open to students aged 20-30. The winning team will receive prizes and recognition from the Energy Hackathon sponsors. 
Stay tuned: Soon we will unveil the 2023 POWER QUESTION.

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Call4Ideas Mediterranean Region - Thursday 25th May 9.30-11.00

OMC Med Energy organisers together with FEEM - Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and Union for the Mediterranean are launching a “call for ideas” to select the best projects to develop the energy transition path and solve the industry’s big challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The aim is to support the work of young experts and help their work emerge. This call is open to universities, national and international research centers or technology institutions from the Mediterranean area.

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Energy Transition 4 Schools - Thursday 25th May 9.30-13.00

Energy experts are meeting local high school students to engage them and hear their approach to the energy transition path. Students have the chance to share theirs outlook and ask questions about current issues.

We'll see how learning from each others can benefit the energy transition debate.

On the occasion OMC organisers and FEEM will also present and comment the results of the questionnaire circulated amongst schools, universities, companies and associations who will have contributed with their different points of view to define the future of energy transition debate.

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