8th - 10th April 2025 - Ravenna - Italy GET YOUR TICKET!


OMC Med Energy is constantly working to ensure participants have an excellent visiting experience.
This is why we care about the standards of catering, which for the 2025 edition will be improved by extending the dedicated areas and the variety of food and beverage selection.


Conference Restaurant: Sit Back and relax

Working lunches and other events in the Conference Restaurant are by invitation only. 
Conference participants receive lunch invitations as part of their registration benefits, can access working lunches.
Delegates, Speakers, Chairpersons and Panelist have access to an enjoyable location where they can choose from a selection of quality Italian products. 
Buffet lunches offer plenty of choice, however, should you have any dietary requirement please indicate it in your registration form.

 Conference Restaurant (Hall 1): Access by invitation only | Opening hours: 12:45 - 14:30


Food Court: Energy for the Energy Professionals

From breakfast to coffee breaks, from lunch to snacks. 
Whether it's a 5-minute break or a more generous recharging moment, the Food Court kiosks will welcome you with a range of menus for every budget and will delight the palates of all participants. 

 Food Court:  Open to all OMC Med Energy participants | Opening hours: 09:30 - 18:30


8th - 10th April 2025
Ravenna - Italy
OMC Med Energy