Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument
Hall & Stand Number
Einsteinstraat 57 - 3902 HN Veenendaal NL
0031 318549300

Company activities

  • 1202 - Automation and Process Controls
  • 1604 - Controls for Power Systems
  • 1634 - Components

Our Energy Transition Route

Our contribute in the energy transition goes beyond internal routes, as we supply many instruments that measure and control fluids in several applications related to Energy Transition, such as Electrolysis, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Production of cell-cultured Meat, Catalyst Research. Furthemore any new and traditional process will be optimized when the parameters that regulate it are measured and controlled with the best accuracy and reliability.

Company Profile & Activities

Brooks Instrument is a trusted partner because our flow, pressure and vaporization instrumentation is more than accurate. It is reliable. Stable. Repeatable.
It continuously incorporates innovations that move measurement and control technology to new levels of flexibility and precision.
Brooks holds over 150 active patents, so our product portfolio incorporates multiple patented advances in fundamental fluid measurement and control technology.

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