AMC Instruments

AMC Instruments
Hall & Stand Number
Via Pietro Nenni 79/E - 10036 Settimo Torinese IT
0039 0110378820

Company activities

  • 403 - Pipelines, Maintenance & Engineering
  • 404 - Production Optimization, Reservoir, Flow & Measurement
  • 1608 - Electrical Engineering
  • 1620 - Production and Operations
  • 1634 - Components

Our Energy Transition Route

At AMC Instruments we believe that sustainability is the key to secure our future as a company. Guided by our core values and in combination with our Lifting KnowHow, we have the conditions to drive sustainable transformation in our industry. From 2007 to now, AMC contributed to save more than 4000km of metallic wire rope, with a great impact on the environmental sustainability.

Company Profile & Activities

AMC was founded as a start-up at the Polytechnic University of Turin.
Gradually it becomes a world leader in the development, production and sale of magneto-inductive wire rope control devices.
AMC is a training and examination center for the ISO9712 standard for the MRT method.
AMC works on a global scale for the hoisting, cable car and elevator industries.

At the end of 2018 AMC was acquired by Swedish multinational Axel Johnson International.

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