OMC on the path to energy transition

OMC - Med Energy Conference & Exhibition is the must-attend energy event in Ravenna, Italy. Over the years, OMC has become the main hub of energy discussion in the Mediterranean area with institutional meetings, networking opportunities and debates. 
From 23rd to 25th May next, OMC will once again welcome guests, companies and institutions from around the world to Ravenna, which confirms its central role for the energy sector. Thanks to its cutting-edge projects, over the years the city has become the energy capital of the whole Mediterranean. 
More than 500 companies, from Italy and beyond, will participate in OMC 2023. The Commercial Presentation Theatre is the dedicated area where each of them will showcase their activities, while workshops and networking moments will accompany the exhibition and high-level figures from corporate and institutional fields around the world will be protagonists. That’s one of OMC’s aims: every year, the exhibition allows hundreds of companies to grow, discover new projects and talents. 
OMC 2023 edition will also be the 30th anniversary of the Organisation. And this year will be the occasion to enhance and strengthen the principles of alliance and cooperation, on which OMC is founded. 
Over its 30 years, OMC has always promoted collaboration and knowledge exchange among the Mediterranean countries. Indeed, the role of the Mediterranean is pivotal in the energy field, as a bridge between North and South and as a cultural crossroads and its growth was recognised during the COP27 event in Sharm el-Sheikh last November, to which OMC took part as guest speaker for the first time. COP27 has been the first one hosting a Mediterranean pavilion: a prelude to OMC 2023, during which the whole industry sector will be re-discussed from the energy transition and decarbonisation perspective.
Nowadays, the energy sector is engaged in the energy transition and to fully accomplish it is necessary to invest in technology by adopting new strategies and business models. This must be the commitment for the near future: that’s what the sector is doing now and OMC, as annual appointment and organisation, is promoting. 
Developing conventional and renewable energy resources is an important feature of the energy transition. Sources diversification and technology neutrality are two key aspects to be taken into account in the current energy context to be used as efficiently as possible to cope with and reduce climate-altering emissions in the medium-long term.
The future of the energy industry is one of the main topics of OMC - Med Energy Conference & Exhibition in this 30th edition. And the future lines up with young generations. That’s why the Organisation will have the pleasure to host them: start-up companies, universities and young researchers will exchange their experience and professional achievements at OMC 2023, by engaging with experts and companies. Youth will present their projects and ideas in the Innovation Room, the space dedicated to spread and share innovative ideas and know-how; a laboratory where students, experts and institutions will interact by enhancing teamwork experience and discussion. For 3 days the Innovation Room will host  presentations and the best projects on the energy transition will be awarded on the last day. Furthermore, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei will also play the game, by presenting the results of its survey. 
That’s OMC 2023: an intense 3 day event to talk about innovation and develop new proposals, where young people are the protagonists of the ongoing transition as travellers of this journey embracing continuous and innovative requirements. 

source: Industrial Technology