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OMC-MED ENERGY CONFERENCE signs a partnership to promote the ecosystem of innovative start-ups in the energy industry

signs a partnership to promote the ecosystem of innovative start-ups
in the energy industry

Ravenna, 14 June 2021 - A collaboration agreement has recently been signed between OMC-Med Energy Conference and InnovUp, an association that represents the Italian innovation ecosystem and brings together start-ups, scale-ups, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

This collaboration will strengthen the existing Conference programme, including the Innovation Room, the Hackathon, and the call for ideas dedicated to young people. In particular, on 28 September, the start-ups that respond to a special call for ideas will present their late-stage projects to an audience of companies and investors. There will also be the possibility of one to one business meetings, which may lead to future developments beyond the OMC-Med Energy Conference.

The initiative will be organised with the support and collaboration of Joule, ENI's Business School, which aims to encourage the development of innovative and sustainable start-ups through training courses for the new generation of entrepreneurs and an accelerator focusing on decarbonisation, the fight against climate change, and the circular economy.
Monica Spada, president of OMC-Med Energy, commented, "In Italy, start-ups are playing a key role in the energy transition, thanks to their strong innovative content. The fight against climate change needs all possible ideas and solutions to be experimented on and tested, and then passed on to industry to provide a new direction for energy development. This is why the aim of "Starting Up" Ravenna is to encourage dialogue and create the conditions for new developments on the path towards a low-carbon future."
"We have gladly accepted the invitation to collaborate in the drafting and development of the call for ideas dedicated to young Italian start-up entrepreneurs, precisely because fostering the growth of the innovation ecosystem – as well as promoting the development of innovative enterprises – is our primary mission," stressed Angelo Coletta, President of InnovUp. "We are delighted with our new partnership with OMC-Med Energy Conference, as we are certain that it will contribute to the creation of more fertile ground in a sector that is crucial for the development of our country".
"OMC-Med Energy Conference will be an important showcase for innovative and sustainable start-ups," added Mattia Voltaggio, Head of Start-up Acceleration at Joule. "And we hope that this initiative will lead to fruitful interactions with investors and corporate stakeholders, who are key players in contributing to technology transfer and development of future businesses". 



8th - 10th April 2025
Ravenna - Italy
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