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OMC evolves into Med Energy Conference and Exhibition

OMC evolves into Med Energy Conference
The 2021 event will focus on the theme: 
“Rethinking energy together: alliances for a sustainable energy future” 
Pala De André, viale Europa 1, Ravenna - 28-30 September

OMC - Offshore Mediterranean Conference has been renamed OMC - Med Energy Conference. From the 2021 edition, scheduled to be held at Pala De André, Ravenna, on 28-30 September, and in the wake of initiatives launched in previous editions, the event will focus on the transition to low-carbon energy systems and on the industry’s transformation to ensure ongoing creation of long-term value.
This year’s theme is ”Rethinking energy together: alliances for a sustainable energy future”. Monica Spada, President of OMC - Med Energy Conference, says, “We are aware that there is no single solution to a global problem, such as the fight against climate change. There are, instead, several diversified options to be tried and tested together. Hence the importance of valuing and making the most of alliances between actors involved in the change process by adopting a holistic, all-inclusive vision.
In this regard, OMC - Med Energy Conference wants to be the landmark in the Mediterranean scene as a place for stimulating discussion and dialogue to build awareness of the energy debate’s priorities. The OMC - Med Energy Conference also creates the premises for both small and large players, contractors, institutions and consumers to share know-how and experiences. We are defining agreements and establishing partnerships with both Italian and foreign associations to stimulate synergistic relations between operators in various sectors. Our objective is to carry on the dialogue beyond the time restraints of the event. We shall immediately involve schools, universities and young generations in this path”.

Innovative trends include expanding the Programme Committee with the know-how of Enea, CNR, DNV GL, Corepla, Cariplo Factory, BCG, OGS (National Institute of Oceanography), Scuola Sant'Anna, Montanuniversität Leoben, Politecnico Universities of Milan and Turin, and Clausthal University of Technology.

The Innovation Room for young generations: this new arena will engage universities, companies and investors in presentations and competitions to exploit the potential of original ideas and turn them into projects for the industry.
The events proposed include a day entirely dedicated to start ups, a hackathon to develop projects and applications capable of producing the radical innovation required to achieve sustainable development objectives by 2030, a call for ideas inviting universities and research institutes based in the Mediterranean and North Africa to voice ideas that meet the need to produce sustainable energy and, finally, a contest for local schools.

Strategic plenary sessions and technical panels will focus on the new energy scene, on strategies and new business models to achieve the goal of a net-zero industry.

Ravenna, 6 April 2021



8th - 10th April 2025
Ravenna - Italy
OMC Med Energy