Ravenna, 16th June 2022 – GRAND HOTEL MATTEI

"Decarbonizing the Hard-to-Abate. The Ravenna Anchor Project

The Role of CCUS in the Energy Transition: Case Histories"


The first event of the Roadmap to OMC MED Energy Conference 2023 aims at stimulating and supporting synergies amongst all stakeholders involved in the energy transition path to meet the challenging decarbonization targets set by the EU.

To do this other sectors of the industrial landscape must be addressed and included in the energy debate.

The OMC conference on 16th June will provide an overview of how the hard-to-abate sectors are progressing with decarbonization targets. It will also be the occasion to further discuss about Carbon Capture and Storage as one of the major levers to reduce emissions more massively and rapidly, sharing the experience of countries where CCS technologies are already in use.

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