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In over 25 years the OMC Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition of Ravenna, now renamed OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition has grown into the leading event in the Mediterranean region for energy insights with particular emphasis on the upstream sector.

In more recent years the growing public awareness about climate change has boosted the oil& gas industry towards a low carbon energy mix. They are massively investing in Innovation that will be the key to start re-positioning energy, moving towards carbon neutrality and gas valorization practices while developing clean energy sources to deliver solutions for a sustainable low-emission future.

Creating long term value and embracing the energy transition as an opportunity to grow in times of great uncertainty is a very crucial challenge. 

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There is no single solution, but a set of paths to be built and tested together. This is why the OMC event will invest on creating alliances, focusing more and more on partnerships between energy operators, contractors, institutions and consumers.

In this new scenario OMC is strongly committed to expanding the event horizon with a holistic perspective, enlarging the boundaries of its activities, including different sources of energy and with a more diversified energy player selection.

Our ambition is to give new impetus to the event, as we consider it as the ideal place for discussion about synergistic development strategies to connect the Northern and the Southern rims of the Mediterranean, as well a catalyst for collaboration in order to convey a positioning of the industry towards common objectives.

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OMC 2021 Confirmed panelists include

Partnering Associations and Industry Supporters


Creating long term value, embracing the energy transition as an opportunity to grow while facing the current downturn related to the pandemic effects and the collapse in oil prices, are the major challenges of the entire global energy sector.

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Clean, reliable, economically accessible are the key words of today energy industry: show the international energy industry your highest levels of efficiency while strengthening your market positioning.

Financing opportunities for Italian companies exhibiting: make your request now!

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There is a special mix of people at OMC from operators and suppliers, international companies as well as new start-ups: at every edition new companies join and enrich the networking platform.

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