The roadmap to OMC 2023 Med Energy Conference & Exhibition includes a series of events under the label of OMC.

Decarbonizing the Hard-to-Abate. The Ravenna Anchor Project 
The role of CCS in the Energy Transition


The first on 16th June 2022 aims at stimulating and supporting synergies amongst all stakeholders involved in the energy transition path to meet the challenging decarbonization targets set by the EU.

Multisectoral alliance and partnership become therefore the  common thread of all the events on the Roadmap to OMC 2023. In fact, OMC aims at carrying on with the intense networking activity started with last edition in 2021, to diversify and enlarge the energy related discussion. To do this, other sectors of the industrial landscape must be addressed and included in the energy debate, starting from the most energy intensive,  to give voice to their needs and prospects and  support them along the necessary decarbonization process.

The OMC conference on 16th June will provide an overview of how the hard-to-abate sectors are progressing with decarbonization targets, their challenges, objectives and enablers to get to their ambitious goals. 

Furthermore, the event  will  be the occasion to discuss about Carbon Capture and Storage as one of the major levers to reduce emissions more massively and rapidly, sharing the experience of countries like Norway and UK where CCS technologies are already in use.
Technologically reliable as well as cost effective CCS in fact is capable of ensuring sustainability in the production processes of many energy intensive industrial sectors.
Moreover implementing CCS technologies generates an increase in the employees’ figures and becomes a driver of development and growth of the territory economies.
The existing decarbonisation technologies make Ravenna a perfect candidate as first Italian hub for Carbon Capture and Storage.


Conference Programme (free admission)

Decarbonizing the Hard-to-Abate. The Ravenna Anchor Project

Ravenna, 16th June - Grand Hotel Mattei



The morning session will be in Italian 

9:30 - 9:50 Welcome and institutional speeches: 

      • Monica Spada - Chair OMC MED Energy Conference 2023
      • Michele De Pascale - Mayor of Ravenna
      • Daniele Rossi - President of Ravenna Port Authority
      • Vincenzo Colla - Emilia Romagna Region - Councillor for Economic Development 

9:50 - 10:00 - Massimo Beccarello, Senior Advisor Transizione Energetica Confindustria

10:00 - 10:10 - Giuseppe Ricci, President Confindustria Energia

10:10 - 10:20 - Antonio Gozzi, President Interconnector

10:20  – 10:11 - Round Table

 11:00 –  11:20 -  Round Table:

11:20 – 11:30 - Closing speech:

Ministry for Economic Development  (to be confirmed)

11.30 - 11.35 Signing of Memorandum of Understanding

Lunch Break

The afternoon session will be in English 

14:00- 15.20  Panel: The role of CCUS in the energy transition:  Case histories

Moderator: Edoardo Dellarole, Programme Committee Chair OMC Med Energy Conference 

      • Valerio Cozzani, Full Professor University Bologna 
      • Marie Bysveen, Market director for CCUS - SINTEF and Head of the EERA joint programme on CCUS in Europe
      • Carmela Sarli, Head Carbon Storage and Valorisation - Eni

Moderator: Marie Bysveen, Market director for CCUS - SINTEF

      • Sabina Bigi, Executive Committee - CO2GeoNet
      • Bruce Becker, Hynet Project - Eni UK
      • Giuseppe Greco, Head of Engineering, Technology, Decommissioning and Energy Transition -Energean

15:20 -15:30 Conclusions:

Monica Spada, Chair OMC MED Energy Conference 2023


ROADMAP to OMC 2023:


Morning Session (Italian)

Afternoon Session (English)


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