The roadmap to OMC 2023 Med Energy Conference & Exhibition includes a series of events under the label of OMC.

First on the list is a conference about the role of gas in the energy transition in Italy and the Mediterranean region:

Ravenna, 16th June 2022
"The role of gas in the current scenario and looking ahead. Energy security and decarbonization"

Gas is long considered as a transition tool to go with the phase out from fossils and accomplish a net zero energy future by 2050. In the meantime, it still represents a major source to satisfy energy demand in Italy and in the Mediterranean region.

The security of supply is once again in the spotlight as a result of the new geopolitical scenario and requests urgent consideration: it impacts on the decarbonization path as well as on the economic resilience of international industries and communities.

Europe, and Italy in particular, are now engaged in trying to diversify gas supply from different countries while accelerating on renewable energies development.

The industry is called to be more resilient than ever before and work together cohesively to identify solutions and make choices to combine short term energy needs with sustainability commitments as set by the UN agenda.

The existing decarbonisation technologies make Ravenna a perfect candidate as first Italian hub for Carbon Capture and Storage.

Besides the analysis of the current geopolitical scenario, the invited panelists at OMC 2022 will provide a focus on the actions and the solutions needed to shift to low carbon sources and achieve a new energy mix.

It will be the occasion to talk about the technical and strategical value of gas decarbonization and Carbon Capture and Storage and share the experience of countries where CCS technologies are already in use.

Do not miss the opportunity to join the discussion in Ravenna on 16th June 2022.


Preliminary Programme

10:15 -  10.45  Welcome addresses by OMC Chair and Authorities

10:45 – 12.30  The role of gas in the energy transition of Italy and Mediterranean Region. Current scenario and looking ahead

14:00- 15.30 The future of gas. The role of CCUS

15:30-15:40 Conclusions by OMC Chair


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