Ravenna Capital of the Energy Valley


The Po region is known as the Energy Valley and Ravenna is certainly its capital, as well as being the main offshore pole in Italy.

Today 2.8 billion cubic meters of gas are produced in Italy, 50% of that produced in Adriatic offshore Ravenna.  Gas, as a source of transition to renewable energy, is confirmed as the energy we have in greater quantity at affordable prices, given that it is 0 km, in the Adriatic, and with the greatest environmental sustainability.

Ravenna is considered also capital of the Mediterranean Energy zone because many important projects for renewable energy are being developed in the Adriatic region, in addition to the production of methane gas. The first and most important offshore wind farm and an innovative floating solar park will be built in the Ravenna offshore. Eni has installed and launched an innovative system capable of transforming the energy produced by waves into electricity, also adapting to the different conditions of the sea so as to ensure high continuity in energy production. In addition, Eni has designed the ‘capture’ of CO2 and storage in disused fields, offshore Ravenna. Eni has started the decommissioning of wells and platforms that have no longer been productive for years. A contribution to the environment, but also to the circular economy because some structures may be used for new activities, such as artificial reefs, fish farms, supports for alternative energy systems, islands as a destination for boaters and sport divers.

A site of European interest has already been created in the Ravenna offshore using steel structures from disused platforms. The SIC, called Paguro, attracts thousands of underwater tourists.

The September 2021 edition of OMC will have a broader direction for the first time, embracing themes ranging from renewables, energy efficiency, decarbonisation and circular economy. In Ravenna, industry coexists with other activities such as tourism and agriculture. 




As well as being one of the most important oil and gas cities in the Mediterranean, Ravenna is rich of monuments and mosaics from its glorious imperial past, 8 of which are listed as UNESCO world heritage. Nowadays the town is a pleasant quiet place to wander and enjoy the real local feel. 

Ravenna and the whole Romagna region are ideal for a short break at any time of the year and offer everything necessary to make every leisure and business trip something to remember: sightseeing, nightlife, modern facilities, excellent cuisine. For centuries Ravenna was the privileged meeting point of East and West, of Byzantium and Rome, continental populations and Mediterranean traditions. The port of Ravenna is still one of the most important at European level, just like it was in Roman times (port of Classe built under Emperor Octavianus Augustus.)



Ravenna province offers culture and business opportunities but also long beaches, bustling bars, modern spa resorts, golf courses, relaxing pinewoods, rolling hills with vineyards and charming small villages. Between the blue of the Adriatic and the green of magnificent pinewoods, you find clean, orderly beaches, fascinating peaceful nature reserves to enjoy the rare and unspoilt beauty of the environment. Ravenna's beaches spread over 35 km. Each of the nine seaside resorts has its own identity but they all have excellent hotel service, good restaurants and beaches with extensive facilities and services.

Guided city tours during OMC days will be available to all participants, information and booking forms will be soon available.


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