A bridge between East and West

Ravenna is rich of monuments and mosaics from its golden age, when it was capital of the Western Roman Empire and Ostrogoth Kindgom. For centuries Ravenna was the privileged meeting point of East and West, continental populations and Mediterranean traditions.

Over the centuries Ravenna natural landscape and art treasures have provided inspiration to artists such as Klimt, Lord Byron and Dante.

Not only it is home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites from its imperial past, nowadays Ravenna boasts a lively cultural scenario; it is a pleasant quiet city to wander, where to enjoy the local feel and taste genuine Italian flavours.

Thanks to its industry, port and innovative renewable energies projects, which are being developed in the region, Ravenna is considered the hub of the Adriatic energy district.

Ravenna and the whole Romagna region are ideal visit at any time of the year; they offer everything necessary to make every leisure and business trip something to remember: sightseeing, excellent cuisine, bustling bars, 35 km of beaches with extensive facilities, spa resorts, golf courses, peaceful pinewoods, rolling hills with vineyards and charming small villages.


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