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Programme Committee

Message from OMC Med Energy Programme Committee Chair


OMC Med Energy has enlarged its scope, opening to all forms of energy, strongly convinced that interdependence and partnerships combined with dialogue and exchange of perspectives are the recipe for a concrete energy future.

Consistent with the renewed spirit of the event, the Programme Committee has been expanded by welcoming experts in renewables, circular economy, innovation and digitalization, to combine traditional issues with those of transition, by pursuing long-term sustainability. Renewables and circular economy are central to achieving a carbon-free future, which needs both innovation, digitalization and sustainability.

Embracing the energy paradigm at 360 degrees, in a long-term sustainable development perspective, is the only way that can quickly lead us towards the goals of the 2030 Agenda solving the energy trilemma: clean, affordable and secure energy, leaving no one behind.

This is how OMC Med Energy Conference really gets to the centre of the current debate in Italy and worldwide.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ravenna in April 2025.


Edoardo Dellarole
OMC Med Energy Programme Committee Chair
Eni - Research & Technological Innovation
Head of Electrification 

8th - 10th April 2025
Ravenna - Italy
OMC Med Energy