Start Up Challenge

Start Up Challenge

Tuesday 23rd May 15.00-19.00



For the second edition of the Start Up Challenge, OMC Med Energy has decided to join forces with ORA! - Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transition. Thus a joint path began with the aim of fostering the birth and consolidation of an innovation platform with a strong international vocation, focused on technologies related to the blue and green economy.

The starting point is common: support business transition through partnerships and industry collaborations with domestic and international startups.

Start Up Challenge activities will bring together Enterprises and Universities to identify and profile the emerging needs of the local industry.

This phase will be followed by a tight scouting activity of technology Start-ups, both Italian and foreign, that can offer innovative solutions in areas of interest not yet explored.

The highlight of this journey will be held on May 23rd, in the Innovation Room at OMC Med Energy, when shortlisted ideas will be given a presentation slot and offered the chance to hold 1-to-1 meetings with leading operators interested in developing them. The best ones will be awarded at the end of the day.

Companies and Start-ups can take part in the Start Up Challenge applying now at: