Energy Transition 4 High Schools

Energy Transition 4 High Schools

Thursday 26th October 9:00 - 13:00


A great morning dedicated to Energy.

2 High Schools of the city of Ravenna, 215 students, 17 teachers, guided tours, in-depth discussions, presentation of the results of the Energy Questionnaire involving schools, companies and universities, an interactive Energy Quiz and... the promise to meet again in 2025 to continue together on the path towards a just transition.



Focus on: Energy Quiz Challenge Kahoot 
10 super competitive classes, 13 questions and many ideas to continue thinking about the future of energy: open innovation, photovoltaics and carbon footprint, smart grids, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, electric cars, biofuels, hydrogen cells, desalination, CO2, marine energy...
The result? A very fast challenge, three classes on the podium and Mila Ghetti (84% of correct answers and 8695 points) winning the Energy Quiz as "Best Overall". 




Best Overall

Mila Ghetti: 5 Mtur Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "G. Ginanni", Ravenna


First place 5Cafm Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "G. Ginanni", Ravenna


Second place 5C P&T Istituto Agrario "Luigi Perdisa", Ravenna


Third place 5A GAT Istituto Agrario "Luigi Perdisa", Ravenna