Energy Hackathon 2023

Energy Hackathon

Wednesday 25th October 12.00-18.00



Creativity, innovation and collaboration have been the key coordinates of the second Energy Hackathon.
An entire day of challenging work with astonishingly agile brains to give the energy industry new inspiration on how to view things in a different way.

The big challenge was held on 25th October 2023 in the Innovation Room, the arena dedicated to young generations.


Teams have been invited to conceptualise and focus their attention on the POWER QUESTION 2023.
Based on the data provided and presented by Accenture facilitators, students have been called and stimulated to develop a strategy, bounce ideas off each other, share information and skills and think about possible solutions with a diverse set of inputs.


         Best project overall presented by SPE


         Most transformative project presented by Accenture


         Most technologically focused project presented by Proger


         Most engaged team presented by Totalenergies