Call for Ideas Mediterranean Region

OMC Med Energy Conference & Exhibition 
Ravenna, Italy, September 28th - 30th, 2021 
Alliances for a Sustainable Energy Future

Call for Ideas Mediterranean Region

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The next OMC 2021 event is strongly committed to expanding its horizon with a holistic perspective, enlarging the boundaries of its activities, including different sources of energy and with a more diversified energy player selection.

COVID-19 crisis has clearly demonstrated that only by collaborating and acting together on the international and local levels that global challenges can be effectively addressed. Keeping this in mind, the  concept of the Mediterranean Region Alliance for Energy Transition was chosen as a focus of this year’s call for ideas aiming to join efforts and support innovation to achieve Energy Transition, which represents the central pillar of this year’s OMC:

Rethinking Energy together: alliances for a sustainable energy future.

OMC 2021 is the ideal place for discussion about synergic development strategies to face energy transition challenges, as well a catalyst for collaboration.
This is why the OMC event will invest on creating alliances, focusing more and more on partnerships between energy operators, contractors, institutions and consumers to unlock huge business potentials. 
For this reason, this year OMC has decided to launch a call for ideas, aimed to promote and award research and technological innovation in the fields of sustainable energy with the focus on the Mediterranean Region Alliance for Energy Transition, helping new generations of researchers and young professionals from the Mediterranean Region to emerge, supporting their researches and innovations in order to promote new alliances across the Med and to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon and sustainable future.
The winners will have a chance to present their projects to the leading players and decision makers of the World Energy Industry (Investors, Energy companies, government representatives). A dedicated high level plenary session will be organized specifically to present the best proposals, giving the winners major international visibility.
The best ideas and  projects will be additionally supported by organizing ad-hoc one-to-one meetings with energy operators, institutes and possible investors to promote partnerships, develop business ideas, and find synergies. 

How to participate: