The EXHIBITOR SHOWCASE programme is a new OMC feature, created for exhibitors who wish to hold a presentation or workshop within OMC event frame.

Companies can make their presentation about projects, technologies, and know-how. Bookings are open also to non-exhibiting companies which products or services match with OMC topics.

Access to the presentations of the Exhibitor Showcase is free of charge for OMC attendees. Advanced registration is required.

For information about how to book your speaking slot, please  download the Exhibitor Showcase presentation and contact exhibition@omc.it




28 September 

14,00 - 15,30









Twin Transformers in the Energy Industry. New value at the intersection of Digital and Sustainability.

New value is being found at the intersection of sustainability and digital technologies. In this showcase Accenture shares how companies leveraging it —we call them Twin Transformers— are 2.5x more likely to be tomorrow’s strongest-performing businesses.

Introducing energy trends and how achieving global net-zero goal requires aspiration and action, we highlight which actions will be most impactful and executable to achieve the Decarbonization Transition. Dedicated sessions focus on:

  • Carbon Intelligence capabilities to control and monetise sustainable operations by embedding carbon and ESG into core business,
  • New Energies spanning from renewables to envisaging the role of Mediterranean as hydrogen sea,
  • Innovation powered by Accenture’s newly opened Milan Industry X Innovation Center for Engineering.



16,00 - 17,30




Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy: seeking new business models

Assorisorse broadens its horizons and, in OMC 2021, presents the new Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy Sector which includes companies implementing projects with zero or positive impact on the climate. Delegates from the energy supply chain and institutional stakeholders will discuss new business models, sustainable development and circular economy. The intent is to create long-term value in order to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.
The Zero Waste Industrial Scheme project developed by Assorisorse will be presented. It is based on the integration of different technologies treating municipal solid waste, creating value from recyclable components, converting non-recyclable fractions into biomethane, hydrogen and chemicals, and reducing significantly the CO2 emissions.



29 September

09,30 - 11,00







Mobile-first digital transformation: How to increase maintenance excellence and become more efficient

Learn how to leverage state-of-the-art data collection that can help connect your teams, share knowledge and lead to more efficient maintenance planning, workflow management and ultimately lower costs, reduces errors and carbon footprint.

Discover in our session:

  • How a leader in the energy industry transformed its old workflows in record time
  • Learn new approaches how to set up digital workflows, from work order to final report
  • Why mobile devices are the key to increasing safety and efficiency of your operations and maintenance
  • Top innovations that will make the life of your field workers easier


11,30 - 13,00














Green Hydrogen Supply Chain: risk assurance management

In response to the threat of climate change, the Paris Agreement has set the objective of maintaining global temperatures within 2°C and preferably within 1.5°C of pre-industrial levels. To achieve these targets, countries making up more than 65% of the world's CO2 emissions have set ambitious targets to become carbon neutral by 2050 with significant commitments to greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030.
In the pursuit of these targets, a balanced blend of clean energy sources will be required to meet the needs of industry and society. Hydrogen is currently viewed as a key contributor in the clean energy landscape as it can be used to store the energy produced by renewable sources in times of excess supply and it can also be utilised as a replacement for fossil fuels in heating, transport and industrial sectors.
The conversion from power to hydrogen can be performed offshore or onshore and, in either case, will generally require pipeline infrastructure to safely and efficiently transport and store the gas. The utilisation of existing infrastructure such as offshore pipelines are viewed as key accelerators in the realisation of the energy transition, minimising capital expenditure while also maximising the utilisation of existing assets which may have been destined for decommissioning.
Any future hydrogen project will consist in a mix of mature and novel technologies; in case proven standards do not exist how to grant an adequate level of assurance in term safety, environment protect and production continuity?  This is the question the Lloyd's Register’s presentation tries to answer starting from the analysis on the hydrogen specific risk elements. In the presentation we will focus on transmission pipeline and we will  summarise the currently available industry guidance, the key integrity and safety risks posed by the addition of hydrogen and discuss futureproofing of new build natural gas pipelines.


Offshore Wind Certification

An overview of the possible type of Certification, Project Certification Scheme and modules

14,00 - 15,30






Limiting the risk deriving from supply and construction contracts, including disputes management.

JMU Law Firm wishes to describe the services rendered to commercial operators who have to control the risk when negotiate contracts or manage a dispute. OMC exhibitors and visitors might be interested in supply or construction contracts as means to regulate their activities. A contract brings express or implied duties and risks that may seriously prejudice the stability of the business. During the presentation it will be discussed which are those contractual principles that should always be included in a contract to limit the risk for the business. Among those, it will be mentioned the limitation on liability, limitation in warranties, notice of defects or claims, liquidated damages, termination at one party’s discretion, law applicable to the contract, disputes resolution.



16,00 - 17,30












OT Cyber Security -  5 Security Gaps And How To Address Them.

Beyond clear and present OT security threats, what are the most critical OT cyber security issues to address now?

As security experts, we’re too accustomed to being called into action after a breach has been discovered. Or with increasing frequency, to address the latest news-making exploit.

Even though we all understand the need for routine security when it comes to the machinery our businesses (and lives) rely on, evidence suggests that’s not always the case for your OT cyber assets.

This session shares practical advice and best practices to keep your OT systems in top shape from a security perspective.

Topics covered include:

  • Explanation of what cyber security is and why we need it.
  • What are the most critical OT cyber security issues to address now
  • Best practices to provide visibility, security and control against these emerging threats
  • Lessons learned and key takeaways to share with your team and business stakeholders
  • Enjoy also our Quiz/game for fun




30 September

09,30 - 11,00



AGNES Ravenna Project: the first Mediterranean Energy Hub for the offshore renewable facilities construction and green hydrogen generation

The aim of the presentation is to provide the status of the authorization process, with the actual modification required by the stakeholders involved and ongoing activities related to the engineering of the offshore wind farms, the floating solar PV park, and the green hydrogen generation plants.




11,30 - 13,00













  • Ethernet APL the new physical layer for ethernet in the field, Micaela Caserza Magro - GFCC Competence Center
    The use of Ethernet, nowadays, is getting more and more attention even in the industrial environment. The Ethernet, as communication layer, has several advantages, but up to now one big disadvantage: the impossibility to use it in hazardous areas. For such a reason the Ethernet in process automation is not very popular. Finally today a new physical layer for Ethernet is available: the Advanced Physical Layer (APL). This physical layer is a two-wire Ethernet and it is suitable for the use also in hazardous areas. So now it is possible to exploit all the features of ethernet also in process. The aim of this presentation is the define the features of APL and how to install and implement it. After this introduction on the technical aspects of the new physical layer, the focus is on the Profinet based over APL. In particular, an overview of all the functionalities of Profinet for process automation is given: modification in run, seamless redundancy, industry 4.0 ready, Namur standards for diagnostics.
  • Security and predictive maintenance in networks for process automation, Paolo Ferrari - CSMT Competence Center
    The security of process plants has suddenly become vital. In this presentation, we will discuss the current status and the new solutions proposed by PROFINET for process automation, analysing in detail the architecture and showing the constraints and possible ways to increase its security. Then, the focus will shift to the possible approach to keep under control the performance of PROFINET networks in process plant, activating smart predictive maintenance.


14,30 - 15,30





OPEN-ES Presentation

The platform open to everyone for the sustainable development of companies.
OPEN-ES, is a systemic initiative to involve all companies in a common path of improvement and growth on sustainability performance.
A unique platform of its kind, in which the component of sustainability data sharing is accompanied by a particular focus on the theme of growth and collaboration between companies, through a simple, flexible and suitable approach for all of them. 


15,45 - 16,30



Union for Med Presentation

Financing opportunities for bankable projects on energy transition. 




Attendance is free of charge, advanced registration is required!


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