Reshaping the Energy Industry: Action for Transition


After rethinking energy leveraging alliances as major driver to achieve a sustainable energy future, it is now time to translate ideas into practical and viable solutions.

Sustainable and equitable economic growth for the energy transition calls for new business models to be adopted by the industry globally taking advantage of cross-sector partnerships.

OMC is the place to be for energy authorities, industry Ceos, contractors, institutions and consumers to find out how the Mediterranean Energy Scenario is evolving after Cop 26 and 27 and discuss about the best strategies, policies and finance to accomplish the energy transition agenda.

The Mediterranean Energy Scenario and transition prospects after Cop 26 and Cop 27, sector coupling as an example of real alliance amongst industry sectors to accelerate energy transition, the energy vectors of the future, partnerships between producers and the hard to abate manufacturing industry are just some of the issues OMC (strategic panels) will tackle. 

Technical and poster presentations will offer insights and knowledge transfer in each technical stream: Operational Excellence, Carbon neutrality, Circular economy, Technology, providing attendees a platform to share and learn experiences and know-how. 

The call of Cop27 aims at transforming innovation into applied solutions for the global energy landscape and the new needs emerging around the world. To do so, we will work closely with solvers, startups and SMEs on challenges that span across the energy industry and business through the Innovation Room. This special area is dedicated to young professionals, University researchers, start-ups and students giving them all the opportunity to show off their great potential to reshape the energy industry of the forthcoming decades.