26th October 2023: Panel

26th October 2023 - Thursday
11:00 – 12:30 | Lecture Theatre D | Panel


"Sustainable Mobility"


Today the transport sector is still mainly powered by fossil energy and is responsible for 25% of global GHG emissions (about 7.5 billion tons per year). In 2020 the CO2 emissions produced by the transport sector in Italy amounted to about 105 million tons, 90% of which from road transport (68 Mt light transport and 28 Mt heavy transport) and the rest from maritime and air transport.
According to a principle of technological neutrality, the most efficient and effective approach to decarbonize the transport sector is to combine available solutions in a synergistic and complementary way. Furthermore, a diversification of solutions allows a de-risking in the achievement of decarbonization targets and ensures the possibility of modulating the strategy according to additional goals other than climate change combat (such as unexpected scenarios that may impact on security of supply).
The purpose of the Panel is to discuss and investigate all possible levers to ensure sustainable mobility for all.

Moderating: Ivana Pisciotta - AGI, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia


Invited Authorities and Panelists:

  • Galeazzo Bignami - Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Transport 
  • Giulia Costagli – Head of Technology Governance,  Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano
  • Stefano Ballista – Chief Executive Officer, Eni Sustainable Mobility
  • Federico Vecchioni – Chief Executive Officer, Bonifiche Ferraresi
  • Amedeo Genedani – President, Confartigianato Trasporti and Unatrans 
  • Luigi Ciarrocchi – Director CCUS, Forestry & Agro-Feedstock, Eni
  • Marcello Di Caterina – Vice President and Director General, ALIS
  • Gianluigi Iacobone – Director Studies and Strategies Center, Autostrade per l'Italia
  • Francesco Calvi Parisetti – Partner, Roland Berger


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