26th October 2023: Panel

26th October 2023 - Thursday
09:00 – 10:30 | Lecture Theatre D | Panel

"Fusion Energy: new business opportunities for traditional energy industry"


Fusion Energy could play a revolutionary role in the field of energy, because – once brought to industrial level – it would make it possible to generate large quantities of energy with a safe, zero-emission and virtually inexhaustible process. For this reason there is growing interest in this technology as an option to contribute to the world’s decarbonization. Public and private companies are aiming to deliver commercial fusion and are producing significant breakthroughs in the science and technology that will lead to a commercial power plant. 
In the most recent FIA (Fusion Industry Association) survey, declared private funding on fusion companies reached around $ 6 billion, with a great part raised in the last years. Furthermore, ITER project, through its organization, has awarded contracts totaling around €9 billion since 2007. The OMC 2023 Fusion Energy session aims to highlight the emerging opportunities for the Fusion sector, its supply chain and the whole industry through an open discussion between some of the key players operating in this field. A second panel will be dedicated to emerging technologies, the enablers for accelerating the industrialization of Fusion Energy.

Introduction - Andrew Holland, Chief Executive Officer - Fusion Industry Association


Panel 1) Fusion Energy: Opportunities for the Industrial Sector 

Moderating: Eliana De Marchi, Eni
  • Giampiero Lapenna, Fusion Project Director - Ansaldo Nucleare
  • Francesco Romanelli, President - DTT S.c. a r.l. Consortium
  • Leonardo Biagioni, Deputy Chief Financial Officer- Fusion For Energy


Panel 2) Fusion Energy: New Technologies to Accelerate the Industrialization

Moderating:  Andrea Bombardi, Rina
  • Antonio Pellecchia, Magnets & Systems Unit - ASG Superconductors
  • Giuseppe Taddia, Power Electronics Manager - Ocem - Energy Technology
  • Marianna Ginola, Head of Nuclear, Fusion Energy & Research Department - Simic
  • Nunzio Abbate, System LAB & SPG General Manager - ST Microelectronics


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