24th October 2023: Institutional Panel

24th October 2023 - Tuesday
11:50 - 12:40 | Lecture Theatre A | Institutional Panel 


“The Opportunity coming from the East Med Integration”

Over the last decade, many significant gas discoveries have been made in the Eastern Mediterranean. Located at the crossroads of three continents this area is key for trade and has been the cradle of culture for millennia. 

Recognizing the vast resource prospects, opportunities and challenges, it is clear that the full potential of the Eastern Mediterranean gas basin can only be unlocked if suppliers, buyers and transit countries in the region cooperate on developing infrastructure for gas trade within the area and with external markets.

Unlocking the potential for further economic integration between the Southern shore of the Mediterranean and the European block could be a game changer when it comes to energy. Such a transition would help Europe to increase energy security while helping advance climate goals. It would also contribute to increase opportunities and prosperity for the people of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), with wider knock-on effects on stability in the region.

The discussion will highlight how the integration of resources and infrastructures in the East Med can accelerate energy transition and decarbonize the region.

Moderating: Lapo Pistelli - Head of Public Affairs, Eni


Invited Authorities and Panelists:

  • Tarek El Molla - Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt
  • George Papanastasiou - Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Cyprus 
  • Walid Fayad - Minister of Energy and Water, Lebanon 
  • Houda Ben Jannet - General Director OMEC Obsérvatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie ed du Climat, France
  • Nasser Kamel - Secretary General Union for the Mediterranean, Spain

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