Are you interested in showcasing your company's services and activities at OMC?

The CPT & PEZ Zone - Commercial Presentation Theatre and Process Equipment Zone - are the ideal spaces for you!

The CPT & PEZ Zone offers a unique opportunity to present and promote your company's projects, technologies, and innovations to a targeted audience within the energy industry. By participating in this zone, you can deliver engaging presentations and workshops that highlight the value and expertise your company brings to the table.


Confirmed presentations include:



The OMC Commercial Presentation Theatre & Process Equipment Zone, so called CPT & PEZ, is a dedicated space within the OMC exhibition hall, specifically designed for eligible companies to conduct presentations and workshops showcasing their projects, technologies, and activities. It serves as a platform for companies to highlight their expertise and engage with the audience.

Additionally, the Commercial Presentation Theatre includes the Process Equipment Zone. This zone focuses on presentations and workshops that specifically pertain to the process equipment sector as applied to the energy industry. Companies operating in this sector can use this space to demonstrate their innovations, advancements, and applications related to process equipment.

Overall, the OMC Commercial Presentation Theatre and Process Equipment Zone provide a valuable opportunity for companies to showcase their contributions, exchange knowledge, and foster connections within the energy industry.

Whether you want to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies, share success stories, or discuss industry trends, the CPT & PEZ zone provides a dedicated platform for your company to shine. It enables you to connect with potential partners, customers, and industry professionals, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

By taking advantage of the CPT & PEZ zone at OMC, you can gain visibility, generate leads, and establish your company as a key player in the energy sector. Don't miss this chance to showcase your services and activities to a highly engaged audience at OMC!


The CPT & PEZ zone at OMC provides a seamless experience for companies interested in presenting their products and services. This fully equipped area can accommodate up to 100 participants, offering state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities.

While priority is given to exhibiting companies, non-exhibiting companies whose offerings align with OMC topics are also welcome to book the space. Access to the CPT & PEZ zone is free of charge for all OMC attendees. Invited guests do not need to pay an entrance fee; they simply need to show or process a standard advanced registration.

The area is designed in a conference-style setup, with seating for up to 100 people, a stage for up to 3 speakers, and a podium. It is fully equipped with audiovisual capabilities to enhance presentations and engage the audience effectively.

Companies have the flexibility to rent the space for single or multiple time slots. Time slots are available for either 20 minutes or 45 minutes, allowing presenters to tailor their presentations to their desired length.

To maximize exposure, presentations are actively promoted on the OMC website, newsletters, social media platforms, and other event promotional materials. Attendees can conveniently register for presentations through a dedicated online form available on the OMC website.

Taking advantage of the CPT & PEZ zone offers companies an excellent opportunity to showcase their expertise, attract potential partners and customers, and gain visibility within the OMC network.

The programme of presentations include so far:


Oct. 24th | Tuesday
10,30 - 10,50
Speaker: Davide Elia Lattuada, Proposal Engineer
Title of the speech: Applications of Organic Rankine Cycle systems for the decarbonization in Oil &Gas processes
11,00 - 11,20
Speaker: Luca Ruggeri, Umberto D'Angelillo
Title of the speech:
Valvitalia Innovation towards NET ZERO
11,30 - 11,50
Speaker: Simona Decicco
Title of the speech:
DANTE 4.0 Inspire integration
12,00 - 12,20
Speaker: Alberto Bernabini, Gian Luca Vaglio
Title of the speech: Agnes, the development company that is shaping the Adriatic Sea energy transition
12,30 - 12,50
14,00 - 14,20
Speaker: Markus Sukkinen
Title of the speech: Implementing an Engineering Digital Twin: typical roadmap and a case study
14,30 - 14,50
Speaker: Valentina Iovine
Title of the speech: Clusters and technology diversification to foster CCUS in Europe
15,00 - 15,20
Speaker: Fabio Rizza
Title of the speech: Emergency Rescue Services
15,30 - 15,50
Speaker: Vladimiro Bonamin
Title of the speech: Energy transition in shipping and correlated emissions challenges
16,00 - 16,20
16,30 - 17,20
Speaker: Mauries Benjamin, Nicola Camarda, Francesca Dornetti, Kaoutar El Khorassani
Title of the speech: Saipem solutions and technologies for low and free carbon energy
Oct. 25th | Wednesday
09,20 - 10,20
Speaker: Marco Casaril
Title of the speech: Materials and components evaluation for repurposing of industrial plants
10,30 - 10,50
Speaker: Viviana Liparulo
Title of the speech: Document Management
11,00 - 11,20
11,30 - 11,50
Speaker: Simone Tacconelli
Title of the speech: Advanced Services for Normally Unmanned Installations
12,00 - 12,20
12,30 - 12,50

Speakers: Dario Mazzoleni, Alfredo Greco 
Title of the speech: The Openjobmetis Techne Division: the recruiting’s challenge in the Oil & Gas

14,00 - 14,50
Speaker: Ildiko Kiss
Title of the speech: SLB Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS)
15,00 - 15,20
Speaker: Simone Mausoli, Giuseppe Signoretta
Title of the speech: Type Approval of valves and actuators for hydrogen application
15,30 - 15,50
Speaker: Antonio Russu
Title of the speech: Hacking Operational Technology in Oil & Gas sector
16,00 - 18,30
Speaker: Carlo Pezzi, Annagiulia Randi, Paolo Grossi, Filippo Brandolini, Irene Priolo
Title of the speech: Sustainable management of C&I waste: a competitive edge for companies and local territories. Hea s.p.a. and the Ponticelle platform project in Ravenna.
Oct. 26th | Thursday
10,00 - 10,20
Speaker: Stefano Valentini, ART-er Blue Economy Expert; Elisa Guasti - International Project Officer Clust-ER GreenTech
Title of the speech: Emilia-Romagna Region: collaboration and opportunities for the offshore wind and carbon capture and storage
10,30 - 10,50
Speaker: Marco Nisi
Title of the speech: PASSport project: a fleet of drone to support environment and surveillance operations
11,00 - 11,20
11,30 - 11,50

Speaker: Daniele Romano
Title of the speech: SIL & Cyber Security for a reliable level measurement


Download the programme as pdf file here


Commercial Presentation Theatre Registration Form

Oct. 24th - 10,30 - 10,50 | EXERGY INTERNATIONAL
Oct. 24th - 11,30 - 11,50 | ACADEMY TEMA SAFETY & TRAINING
Oct. 24th - 12,00 - 12,20 | AGNES
Oct. 24th - 12,30 - 12,50 | KIWA ITALIA
Oct. 24th - 14,00 - 14,20 | CADMATIC SRL
Oct. 24th - 14,30 - 14,50 | BAKER HUGHES
Oct. 24th - 15,00 - 15,20 | SGS
Oct. 24th - 15,30 - 15,50 | SGS
Oct. 24th - 16,00 - 16,20 | BAKER HUGHES
Oct. 24th - 16,30 - 17,20 | SAIPEM
Oct. 24th - 17,30 - 17,50 | SDC VERIFIER
Oct. 25th - 09,20 - 10,20 | ICIM
Oct. 25th - 10,30 - 10,50 | G.A. SRL
Oct. 25th - 11,00 - 11,20 | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
Oct. 25th - 11,30 - 11,50 | BAKER HUGHES
Oct. 25th - 12,00 - 12,20 | SLB
Oct. 25th - 12,30 - 12,50 | OPENJOBMETIS SPA
Oct. 25th - 14,00 - 14,50 | SLB
Oct. 25th - 15,00 - 15,20 | BUREAU VERITAS
Oct. 25th - 15,30 - 15,50 | BUREAU VERITAS
Oct. 25th - 16,00 - 18,30 | HEA
Oct. 26th - 10,00 - 10,20 | EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION
Oct. 26th - 10,30 - 10,50 | SISTEMATICA
Oct. 26th - 11,00 - 11,20 | IGEAM GROUP
Oct. 26th - 11,30 - 11,50 | VEGA ITALIA SRL

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