Call for papers instructions for authors

Instructions for authors of papers to be presented at OMC 2021



The abstracts selected by the Programme Committee to be presented in the upcoming OMC 2021 Conference are divided into three groups:

Oral presentation - included in the technical session
Back Up presentation - included in the poster session
Poster presentation - included in the poster session

All categories imply a presentation at the conference.

The initial letter of your Paper Ref. indicates whether your work is included in the programme for oral presentation, as back up or as a poster.

O – Oral presentation - 20 minute presentation from the podium in the technical session.
BU – Back up presentation – is scheduled in the relevant poster session but can be upgraded to  oral presentation in case of cancellations in the technical session. In case of upgrade to Oral presentation the Back up paper will not be presented in the Poster session.
P – Poster –  10 minute presentation to be given in the Digital Poster Arena.

Kindly note that all papers selected to be presented at OMC, whether they are oral, back up and poster presentations, will be included in the conference proceedings and published at and after OMC 2021. 

We remind you that participation in the conference as a speaker is subject to:

Should it be impossible for you to submit the manuscript and present the paper, kindly send a withdrawal request without delay to the Conference Secretariat giving reasons for the cancellation. This will allow the Programme Committee to upgrade another abstract from the ranking list.

Papers withdrawals are always a disappointment to the Organisers and the conference attendees, especially when they occur very close to the event, because they can compromise the quality of the technical sessions.

Enter your personal area and find the guidelines and the paper template you are requested to follow.

Additional instructions on paper/poster presentation will follow so please check your reserved area by the end of July 2021.

For  clarification and assistance please contact OMC secretariat - - ph.+39 0544 219418.