Call for ideas - Mediterranean Region

Thursday 25th May 9.30-11.00



In this section you will find all the necessary information to apply for the initiative and be part of Call for ideas - Mediterranean Region.

1) AIMS 

The purpose of the “Call for Ideas – Mediterranean Region” is to help new generations of researchers and young professionals from the Mediterranean area to emerge, offering them the possibility to present their ideas and projects on the various scientific topics promoted by the 2023 OMC - MED Energy Conference, and specifically on the areas covered by the abovementioned Technical Streams: Operational Excellence, Technologies (in terms of either breakthrough solutions or innovative usage of existing ones), Carbon Neutrality and Circular Economy.

The aim is to attract major new contributions in terms of ideas deployable into real projects aimed at reducing emissions and providing solutions to achieve energy transition and socio-economic growth for the territory and the community, with a holistic perspective, even in the long-term. 


The “Call for Ideas – Mediterranean Region” is addressed to young researchers, born in or after the year 1982, of nationality and citizenship of one of the following countries belonging to the Mediterranean Area: Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Southern Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. 

The Candidate shall be in possession of at least a Master’s Degree and have developed his/her project idea or their project either at a university, a university spin-off, or a research centre of the abovementioned Mediterranean Area.

The Candidate shall provide, as main author or principal investigator, a well-defined project idea or a developed project addressing one of the themes covered by the following Technical Streams: Operational Excellence, Technologies (in terms of either breakthrough solutions or innovative usage of existing ones), Carbon Neutrality and Circular Economy. An illustrative list of the possible topics is provided as follows:

• Asset integrity;
• Asset circular conversion;
• Asset digitalisation;
• Biofuels and Biomass valorisation;
• Breakthrough technologies or innovative usage of existing ones to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency;
• Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS);
• Circular design;
• Circularity management;
• Climate change and adaptation;
• CO2 management;
• Data management;
• Energy efficiency;
• Energy storage;
• Gas valorisation;
• Geothermal energy;
• GHG reduction;
• H2 production technologies (blue, green and turquoise H2);
• Health Safety and Environment;
• Hybrid solutions and industrial symbiosis;
• Innovative methodologies and business models;
• New forms of collaborations among stakeholders;
• Nuclear energy;
• Oil & Gas technologies decarbonisation;
• Onshore and offshore renewables;
• Recycling and Waste valorisation;
• Robotics;
• Solutions for achieving Sustainable Development Goals; 
• Up-stream optimisation and transformation;
• Water use and management.

The winners will be invited to present their projects at the Innovation Room that will be held on May 25th, 2023 during the OMC - MED Energy Conference in Ravenna, which will also celebrate their 30 years of activity.The Room represents a dedicated arena within the OMC venue where international research representatives, and in this case also the winners, have the possibility to discuss their ideas and perspectives with the leading players and decision makers of the world energy industry, i.e. investors, energy companies, government representatives.  In this occasion, one-to-one meetings between the winners and these stakeholders will be also facilitated.
All visa, travel and accommodation expenses of the winners will be covered by the OMC organisation.

Applications for the “Call for Ideas – Mediterranean Region” shall be guaranteed by Professors, Directors of Department, Faculty Deans, Chancellors of Universities and Polytechnic Universities, Heads of University Spin-offs, or by Researchers of Research Institutes operating in the specific - or similar - fields to which the Call is addressed.

The deadline for the presentation of the candidature has been extended to April 2nd, 2023, no later than 5 p.m. CET - Central European Time. 

The formal confirmation of the acceptance of the candidature will be sent by email to the Candidate by the OMC Scientific Secretariat after the receipt of the properly signed “Summary of the Candidature Proposal”, as per the following provisions.

The following candidature application forms are available on the website: They are mandatory and shall be sent at the following email address in pdf.format:

1. Application form, which includes a short description of the project, the contact details of the guarantor, and the candidate curricular data;

2. Pitch presentation, which includes the following: context and country/region of application; objectives of the project, business plan/feasibility study; indication of key innovation features; indication of whether the idea has already been implemented; funding sources; networks and synergies within the Mediterranean region; scalability.

Other optional documents, e.g. letter of reference of the guarantor, Master Degree or other relevant certificates can also be provided by the Candidate, and shall be sent at the same abovementioned email address. Also a self-made video of no more than 3 minutes to better describe the main aspects of the project can be sent in the following formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, .AVI, .FLV. 

Following the safe receipt of all the application documents, a file named “Summary of the Candidature Proposal”, containing the main data of the candidature, will be provided to the Candidate. This file shall be duly checked and signed by the Candidate and sent by email to the same aforementioned address ( to the OMC Scientific Secretariat before and no later than the deadline defined by this Official Announcement.


The OMC Scientific Commission - which is constituted by a maximum of 10 representatives of the international scientific community chosen by the OMC Programme Committee - will examine the accepted candidatures and select the winners, whose work will be presented to the OMC 2023 Organizing Committee. 

The official communication of the winners will be given by mid April 2023.


This Official Announcement is approved by the OMC 2023 Organizing Committee and is available on the website: 

Contact Details

The OMC  Scientific Secretariat is located at:

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