Highlights of Ravenna's history

chiesa.jpg (17635 byte)Ravenna is located 10 Km (6 Miles) away from the coast. But twenty centuries ago it was a well known port chosen as the base for the Roman Empire fleet on 'the upper sea'. The port could shelter up to 250 ships.

In the 4th century A.D. Theodosius, one of the greatest Emperors of the Roman Empire died in Milan.

The Empire was divided between his two sons: to Arcadius was given the Eastern Empire with capital Constantinople, to Honorius the Western Empire with capital Milan (Milan had previously become the capital owing to its better strategic position than Rome).

Honorius, alarmed by the progress of Alaric in the North of Italy, transferred his court to Ravenna situated in a lagoon and thus easier to defend.

mausoleo.jpg (18665 byte)In 402 A.D. Ravenna was the capital of the Roman Western Empire.n In 476 A.D. Odoacer deposed the last Roman Western Emperor and sent the Imperial Colours to Constantinople.

After that period, Ravenna saw: Byzantine dominations, papal principalities, Venetian armies,...

Today Ravenna is well known for the offshore industry.Once more Ravenna's future is the sea.


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